Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Art Contest

Wow i havent been on here in a while!! but i have a contest that i am going into and want your input.... you had to draw somthing that made you happy therefore i drew a horse :P yes its the same pic i just added some stuff to the middle one.... its for dr.woo thats why the horse has braces...... plz give your imput

Monday, December 10, 2007

Baby's Poor Nose :"(

This is Allie ~ as most of you know ~ well, she has some nose issuses, LOL. She wont stop scratching at her nose so it causes it to bleed. These couple of pics are when she had the "cone of doom " on.
I got a pretty good pic when she was licken her chomps, fortunatly it looks as if she is growling at me saying " leave me alone !"

Just another funny pic, trying to eat!

Monday, October 22, 2007


Well at school we had a dress like a famous person day! It was quite funny to see what all my friends were and half of them were party poopers and didn't dress up. This is Cranberry long for Cambria and she is the Queen of England. This is Sally same for Sarah. She is dressed out like Paris Stilton in jail, (sp)
This is Taleah she is Cinderella

This is me ~ Cat in the Hat of course ~ and my pe, french and capp teacher Ms. Frank. This is Ty-Ty short for Tyler and she is bat 'girl '. Lol hope you all had a awesome day!

Pumkin Carving

Well pumpkin season is here and gone again! We did our carving with Laura again this year. Last year she did Steve Irwin, this year she did the Mona Lisa. Last year Maya and Daddy Bear did a cat face and this year a puppy face. Last year I did a star wars title and this year a horse which is really hard to see cause of the candle not burning enough! LOL ~ Anywho we had tons of fun and that's all that matters! Hope you all had a great time carving too, Happy Halloween!


Yahoo! I just got my jumper cables ( as my mom likes to call them ) off on Wednesday the 24 ' 07! I cant believe my teeth moved so fast like that. I could dance right now i am so happy! Well ttfn.

Angry Animals

WOW, people are mad today,lol!! Here are some pics to hopefully " brighten" your day!
Swim fishy swim!!!!!
I call them the penarks, lol!!! ~ PENguin / shARKS
AAAAAAAAAAAA! Run away x1000

Looks as if heather is a bit angry that Kylie is taking tooo many pics!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Who Knew?

Even Worse!! Gold Digger...
Sniffle Sniffle... How many times?
Oh, frog in the throat... Who knew Kassie was taking pictures the whole time? Not me...